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Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls

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Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls

Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls.  Empowering our girls so they can grow strong, independent, kind and happy!

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For Girls Only…

Forget Princess call me president – Setting up the right expectation for your little one since the start. Aim high and hit the stars! Pretty hot pink Tee with super over sized and cool typography representing the girl power. For power girls full of energy and as vibrant as the hot pink on their tees.


Girls Can Do Anything: Empower your baby girl with a feminist icon. This custom T-Shirt has a design based on the uber cool “We Can Do It!” American propaganda poster associated with Rosie the Riveter and the movement of women into the paid industrial workforce during World War II. Change the text to whatever your imagination conjures up!

Tired of frilly pink cutesy stuff? Here is our all black “Not All Princesses” wear pink design, straight from our totally non girly girl baby clothes for power girls, hardcore princesses that are born to save themselves.



Featuring a hand drawn bee flying and the quote: not a queen bee a busy bee. For a world with no bullying, more team players, busy bees and not queen bees.


Super cool t-shirt featuring an airplane doodle and the quote “This Girl is Going Places. For power girls that are going to have a lot of adventures around the world.

This Girl is Going Places T-Shirt

This Girl is Going Places T-Shirt


This design features a typography work with a quote from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Book: “And though she be but little, she is fierce”. Specially designed for the little fierce girl you got at home.

For Girls & Modern Boys…

Kind is The New Cool T-Shirt – Bright orange t-shirt with super large typography saying “Kind is the new Cool”. Against bullying and helping raising children that will become better human beings for a better world.


And finally, Pink Tees that will look great in Girls and modern boys!

Gender cool tee featuring a spaceship and the phrase “Space Explorer” and Funny design of a T-Rex doodle and the totally pun intended quote “My other T is a Rex” – Graunnnnnnn


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Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls
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Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls
Non-Girly Clothes for Power Girls. Super cool girls tees designed to empower girls to grow strong, independent, kind and happy!
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