Magical Unicorns

They are Real! Magical Unicorns Everywhere

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They are Real! Magical Unicorns Everywhere

Magical Unicorns are real and My Quirky Gifts wants to make sure you will see them everywhere!  Our collection features unicorn beddings, unicorn shower curtain, unicorn t-shirts and much more!

Unicorn Beddings

Finally a Beddings that let the world know you are an unicorn!   Unicorns Duvet Cover and pillow:  “Unicorns sleep here”.

Cute double side pink beddings with the illustration of cute and funny unicorns, rainbows hearts and stars – too much awesomeness to handle!

Magical Unicorn Beddings Unicorn Beddings
See here Unicorn Duvet See here Unicorn Pillow


Too hot for a Duvet?  No worries, you can still keep the Unicorn theme with this Cozy Unicorn Blanket.   Make it even more unique by customising it with your name on the product page.


Unicorn shower curtain

A wonderful pink Unicorn Shower Curtain with the illustration of a funny unicorn showering with water coming from a magic rainbow cloud, surrounded by stars and hearts with the message Unicorns Shower Here.   You are welcome!


Unicorn T-Shirt and Apparel

Every girl needs a unicorn T-Shirt and a unicorn bag to match it!   After all, you are so magic that you can only be an unicorn.    This t-shirt is available in several different styles and colours for women, man and kids.


You can also “dress up” your mobile phone with this unicorn phone case, available for all Iphone models and Samsung.

Unicorn Mugs

Coffee is so magical that we are pretty sure it is made of 100% organic unicorn pee!   That’s why we made this Unicorn coffee mug.   A Unicorn standing on a cloud peeing magical coloured unicorn pee, a.k.a coffee. Got it?


Not keen on unicorn pee?  No problem, what about these?


Saving the Best for Last…

Here is my very own favourite:  this Unicorn notebook is just fantastic because it comes with a ready to go and perfectly credible excuse for not delivering your home work on time.

Check out more about some of these awesome Unicorn goodies here.

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They are Real! Magical Unicorns Everywhere
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They are Real! Magical Unicorns Everywhere
Magical Unicorns are real! Our collection features unicorn beddings, unicorn shower curtain, unicorn t-shirts, mugs and much more!
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My Quirky Gifts
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