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Funny Father’s Day Cards and Gifts

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Funny Father’s Day Cards and Gifts

Last year we posted a special article about Father’s Day Cards gifts and cards.   This year we would like to introduce our very own Father’s collection.

Out of ordinary, creative, slightly offensive, quirky and super fun father’s day gifts and cards for the best daddy in the world.


Super funny and stylish fathers day card for those daddy that rock a dad bod and don’t have too much hair. Who needs hair with a Dad Bod like his??

Still on Dad’s Bod Theme, Dad Bod in Spandex Funny Father’s Day Card – Are you dad a Middle Aged Man in Lycra ? This father’s day make sure you tell him how proud you are of his Mamilhood! Just make sure you gave him an extra good father’s day gift (preferable from a bike store) to compensate for this card.

Zombie Love Father’s Day Card – Do you have a daddy that is fan of Zombie TV Series and horror movies? Here is his card: “Bloody” design with the phrase Daddy I love you almost as much as zombies love… ” and a Brain icon. Zombiessssssss!!! Show your daddy all your Zombie love.

Funny and slightest offence (as a Mom I may say totally truth) vintage style card featuring a lamp bulb and the message: Daddy, you always have the coolest ideas! (but mom is always right). It will surely be a reason for some daddy’s day laughs!

Vomit On New Father’s Day Card – One of the joys of having a new baby is having you clothes covered in vomit when putting the baby to burp. Here is a perfect father’s day card for new daddies. The card has a vintage propaganda look with a retro baby illustration and the quote: “there is nobody I would rather to vomit on”. You can customise the message inside with whatever you like so it will also make a perfect complement for any fathers day gifts for new dads.

For Moms that are Daddys

Mom Thanks for Being Dad Single Mom Card – Father’s Day Cards for Moms. Many mothers have a task of raising their kids by themselves, I believe these moms deserve a Father’s day card more than anyone! This father’s day, thank your mother for being the Mom and the Dad in your life.

Papi, te Quiero Más Que Tacos Father’s Day Cards: Cute mimalistic card with a Taco Cartoon and the message “Papi, the quiero más que tacos!” (Daddy, i love you more than tacos). Perfect for a hispanic Father.


Super funny and stylish t-shirt for those daddies that rock a dad bod and don’t have too much hair.

Don’t Kiss Daddy Man Aprons – I am sure daddy wouldn’t complain being kissed by his family but while cooking, in front of the heat of the fire what he really wants is a cold class of beer right? Here is the apron with instructions: Don’t Kiss Daddy, Give him a Beer! Perfect gifts for beer lovers and father’s day gifts .

Couldn’t Pick a Better Dad Custom Guitar Picks – For your musical Dad a special pick: “I couldn’t pick a better dad” text in white and black background with a heart in the middle where you can put your dad’s name or just leave it blank.

And we also have a version for granddaddy!

Funny Father's Day Cards and Gifts
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Funny Father's Day Cards and Gifts
Out of ordinary, slightly offensive, creative, quirky and super fun father's day gifts and cards for the best daddy in the world.
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