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Crazy Cat Lady Dream

You don’t need to be a crazy cat lady to enjoy some fun and cute cat decor ! We have cat Shower curtain, cat pillows, cat poster, lamps and more.

A small collection with some super fun cat home decor item and a few cute cat accessories that will please any cat lover!


Cat Decor

Cat Decor – Pillows

Super cute cat pillow in black and white with two kittens cuddling forming a Yin Yang sign shape and modern round cat pillow in green, featuring a super cute cat with head phones.

Yin Yang Cat Round Pillow
Fake Ralph Round Pillow


Straight from Alice in Wonderland comes Cheshire Cat in all its pink glory. Cheshire also appears in its modern shape in a darker version.


Forget about Puss in Boots! Think Puss in Glasses: Hipster Cat pillow and Psychedelic cat.


Cat Shower Curtain

Proudly bringing naive cats from our own CATz collection at Zazzle and yellow cat rain cat shower curtain.


Here are some awesome non-sense cat shower curtain options available at Amazon.


Cat Beddings

Also from our CATz collection, here are our super cat bedding collection: duvet cover, pillow and fleece. They make a great and unique gift as you can personalise them with your name.

Personalized and super cute Cat Duvet Cover
Personalized and super cute Cat Duvet Cover

Personalized and super cute Cat Duvet Cover
Personalized and super cute Cat Duvet Cover

Snuggly Cat Fleece…

Cat Poster

You’ve seen them in pillows, I liked them so much I thought you would like to see them in cat poster! Cheshire cat poster and Psychedelic cat.


For a modern look, here is a Steampunk cat poster. For a Zen style, choose this stylish Zen cat poster.


This robot cat will look amazing in a girls bedroom and this funny sphinx cat poster that can be personalised with your own message.

Special mention Hang in There Cat Poster

The original ” hang in there cat poster ” featured a black and white photograph of a Siamese kitten clinging to a bamboo pole and was first published in late 1971 as a poster by Los Angeles photographer Victor Baldwin. Here is a modern take on the catch phase with a manga style cat hanging from the top of the poster.


Cat Wall Clocks & Clock

Zen and Cool Yin Yang Cat Wall Clock and Felix the cat clock.


How cute is this Meowing kitty cat twin bell alarm clock that actually makes kitten sounds?

Bric a Brac

Want to go Crazy Cat Lady town? Who would thought that you could find…

All these super cute cate book ends!

Cute Cat coasters and these weird… weird… cat butt fridge magnets (yeah.. your heard it right, cat butt magnets).

Keep cool with this cat fan!


Since you are here, why not check our own awesome Cat goodies in our store?

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Cat Decor and Accessories - Meowzzzzzzz
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Cat Decor and Accessories - Meowzzzzzzz
You don't need to be a crazy cat lady to enjoy some fun cat decor ! Here is small collections with some super fun cat decor items to please any cat lover!
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