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Anti Christmas Cards – Jingle Bells Christmas Smells

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Jingle Bells Christmas Smells – Anti Christmas card.

Is October is people are already putting on Christmas decoration. Here is pay back: funny anti christmas card collection.

Warning, some of them might be a bit inappropriate but we swear it’s all in good fun!

Disclosure:  no elfs have been killed in making this post.

Art Inspired

Pretty sure Edvard Munch was thinking about christmas when he painted the Scream! Oh NOOOO It’s Christmas again. You can customise the text in the balloon with your own message.

Mona Lisa smile, enigmatic, discrete, almost inexistence… my kind of Christmas. Personalise the balloon with your own message.

Variations of the same theme…

Animal world

Sloth Santa Anti Christmas Card – Ho Ho Ho! Christmas can be overwhelming… wake me up when it’s over!

Sloth Santa Anti-Christmas Card

Sloth Santa Anti-Christmas

Jingle Bells Christmas Smells – No, I’m not a big fan! Here is my very own grumpy cat with a santa hat, specially for those who think christmas smells… la la la la la.

Another not-so-happy cat! Who can blame him? Is Holiday season again :-S


Two variations to the same theme here:  Isaac Newton was born on January 4 in the gregorian calendar December 25.  If you don’t believe in Santa you can always celebrate Newton’s Birthday!

Newton’s Cradle Christmas Ornament Anti Christmas Cards – Perfect for the holiday season!

Newton meets dickens in this Bah Humbug newton’s cradle card.

Santa hates you

A vintage style Santa that seems to be out of one of those old christmas ads saying he hates you. Very sweet.

Yes, not such a good old man…

Old Krampus

Beware the half-cat, half-demon Christmas monstrosity known as Krampuss! If you are naughty, he will tear your presents to shreds! He will vomit hairballs under the Christmas tree! He will chew a hole in your holiday stockings! In short, he will make your holidays a CATastrophe! These one-of-a-kind funny Christmas greeting cards will make your family and friends laugh – or turn away in fear.


Zombie santa

Once you believed in Santa Claus then you grew up. But what happened to him when you stopped believing? Did he die? And if he died what happens when you start believing again? Better tell ’em not to stop believing …

Spread holiday cheer with this Season’s Eatings X-mas card!

Slightly inappropriate

Highly inappropriate Christmas card.  This year, instead of dashing through the snow, Santa Claus has taken up a new hobby. Armed with a Christmas gift placed in a strategic location and a couple of freaked-out reindeer, Jolly Old Saint Nick is now “flashing through the snow.” This delightfully tacky holiday card shows a cartoon Santa grinning while riding on a sleigh and holding up his coat to reveal his… um… package.

Humbug!  It’s all I got to say!

Santa Claus the drag queen is dressed in a lovely red dress with white trim, showing off his hairy legs and holding a sprig of mistletoe while making a grumpy face. The text says, “Christmas is a real drag.”

This gingerbread man has a pretty sad look on his face, as he’s been treated as a voodoo doll, with pins sticking in him.

The holiday spirit is not all it’s cracked up to be for many people. For a lot of us it’s unbearable stress. Retro comics-style drawing of a young man in the fetal position, sucking his thumb.

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