About the Designer

Globetrotting, computer engineer, project manager, designer, untamed cook extraordinaire and seasoned world travelling backpacker.   The world is my home and I have travelled it three times over, one could say.

Always with my well-worn backpack "Girlfriend" on my back I have experienced the greatest gift someone could ever want:   the opportunity to see the world.

On my adventures,  I tried to adopt and incorporate international influences into all aspects of my creative work endeavours.  This is how my interest for photography and design started.

The idea of monetising the designs and photos by selling them in print on demand websites came exactly from the necessity of making some money while on the road.

I am retired for a while from my adventures because recently I became a mother of a baby girl.    Now my designs are helping working reduced hours in my "day job".   As a result I can stay more time with my baby.

I hope you enjoy my web site.    It showcases some of my favourite products and designs.

Finally, by visiting my site and purchasing my products you are supporting a great deal my life as future backpacker's mommy and digital nomad.   Thank you!